Posters 8/24/04

Hung up some picture frames Check them out. Also they are level, I just suck with the camera.

-JC [Phanman]


New Sound 8/11/04

Needed some new sound for my apartment Check out my new setup.

-JC [Phanman]


New Apartment 8/09/04

Moved to Raleigh to start school at NC State Check out my new apartment.

-JC [Phanman]


Videos 5/31/04

New stuff on and they are videos , some of them are funny, and others are just old game commericals.

Maybe I'll actually start working on something in the following weeks. You may soon see a review section about games, movies, books, or whatever. I will likely have other people help me do these reviews.

-JC [Phanman]


FFXI Screens 5/01/04

New page containing final fantasy screens is up and running. Check it out to see what craziness we're upto at the moment. I don't have descriptions and good picture names because I am lazy. Maybe if this site becomes something I will improve it.


On a side note, haven't gotten much of a response about forums. Please let me know whether or not you would be interested in them.

-JC [Phanman]


Site Launch 4/28/04

Welcome to! I'm not sure if there will ever be anything worthwhile to actually visit this place for, but trust me, if there is, this is the place you will read about it.

As of now, this will mainly just be about me, and things I am interested in. So I will keep everyone posted on what exactly is to come. I am considering upgrading my account to include forums, give me feedback and let me know if that is something people may be interested in.

-JC [Phanman]